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    Pricing Your Home Right


     We don’t price your home to sit, we price it to SELL. Setting an appropriate listing price is often times the difference between getting your property sold, and having it linger on the market, and eventually not sell. If we set a listing price that is too high, we will lack attracting interested buyers. If we set a listing price that is too low, we will short change your home. Parson Realty Group’s List Price vs. Sales Price in St Charles County is 101%.

    TIMING Property values are affected by the current real estate market. Because we can’t manipulate the market, we’ll collaborate on a pricing and marketing strategy that will take advantage of the first 30 days your property is listed. It’s the window of opportunity when buyers and their agents discover your property and are most likely to visit and make offers.

    TERMS Structured to meet our objectives are important in successful marketing

    CONDITION OF YOUR HOME The condition of the property affects the price and the speed of the sale. As prospective buyers often make purchases based on emotion, first impressions are so important. Our team will be able to help in optimizing the physical appearance of your home to maximize the buyer’s perception of value.

    Marketing Your Home

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